Scroll and find the element

i am working on an web application, where i need to scroll towards right and find a column named “ABC”.
This column name can be found after one scroll or can be towards end.
How do i do that so that i can find the column and type into it?
any suggestions are welcome.

  1. Element Exist with column “ABC” ->output in cdnpassed
  2. while loop with cdnpassed
  3. inside loop keep send hto keywith down arrow .
  4. Element Exist with column “ABC”

Hi @Priyanka_Ramesh
thanks for your response.
i want to scroll sideways towards right, hot key Down arrow doesnt help

you mean the output of element exists is existing of column “ABC”.if this true go to while loop?

Hi @Divyatirunagari,

You could try somethings:

  • If the scroll has that arrow in the end, see if UiPath can recognize the selector, if it can you could do something like click once, check if element exists (column abc), if element exists returns false means it doesn’t exist, so click on the arrow again and make the same check for the element.

  • If the scroll doesn’t have the arrow at the end, try to select the scroll bar, if you can select the scroll bar, you do the following: click on scroll bar (go to properties of click and choose click down) then use a hover activity and select a space a little bit to the right, then uses click on scroll bar again, but this time select click UP. This should imitate the drag of the scroll bar.

If the element is found the cdnpassed will have the value as true , so you can try as cdnpassed.Equals(false) and Similarly you can use Send hot key with "right "