Browser scrolling

The web page I am trying to automate goes to the right. That is I need to scroll to get to the elements. How do I accomplish this using UiPath? If possible, please share an example.

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you can use a type into and use “[k(right)]” inside it to use the right arrow key

@A_Learner you want to scroll right or scroll down?

Scroll right. I need to click elements by scrolling to the right.

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Thank you. I need to scroll the web page to the right to get to the header elements of a table click them and filter them. Thank you,

Yes you can use"[k(right)]" to scroll to the right then you can use the relevant activities to scrape or interact with the table


Take one send hotkey and pass the pgdn…

This will down the page …


Thanks @aquinn.
I will try it.


Hi, Where do I type into? There is a no field to type in. I need to scroll right of the web page to find element to be clicked. Thanks

You can use a send hotkey activity with right in the key, this will simulate pressing the right key on the keyboard allowing the page to scroll right.

I have to do the right arrow 25 times to get to the element I need. Is there an easier way?


@A_Learner Please share screenshots if possible

The element is found, no need to scroll. Thanks every one!