Scrolling down to locate UI element


I have a requirement where i am checking for a ui element which could be present after scrolling down in a small window.

The UI element is located only through computer vision

How can we achieve this ?


had tried by using try catch block and looping it

like, if able to click in try block then do the action
else, in catch block click down arrow button (for scrolling) (Keyboard page down could be used, but checked first with down arrow button)

for certain ui elements (random value) e.g. Atable and Table

the computer vision locates ‘Atable’ as well and do the further operation, due to which the ui element with name ‘Table’ is skipped which was present after scrolling down

Also tried using Mouse scroll activity to the element
but the scrolling action is faster which skips certain ui elements

Hi @nikhil.chandre ,
You can check by element exist

@nikhil.chandre Scroll using hotkey or use some delay.


You can try with CV Hover activity
It hovers over a specified UI element which is targeted by using the UiPath Computer Vision neural network.

You can also try with CV Click activity where enable the property CursorMotionType as smooth

Cheers @nikhil.chandre


Try with mouse scroll with direction…and not to element… and give the least possible scroll like 1…

You can try check app state…and if found clicke lse use mouse scroll