How to scroll on a Web page from left to right in UiPath

Hi All,
i need help in my UIAutomtion. I’m trying to automate a Webpage using UiPath where i need to click on a check box to perform certain action on the webpage.

The check box located right side on the webpage which i can see only if i move my scroll bar to right manually.

can someone suggest me how can i move the scroll bar towards the right side of the page?

I tried with Sending windows hot key and right button, and click activity as well. nothing worked. is there any way around for this?

Can you use simulate click to avoid having to visually see the element on screen?

Input Methods (

In the latest activity pack there is also Scroll.

you can use (Set focus) activity and select the element that has a “check box” tag,
Or use (simulate/send window message) inputs methods

Thanks for your reply. Could you please give more insights on how (simulate/send window message) inputs methods works in this case.

I already used Send window message method but it didt worked.

Hello @prabhu_kiran

Did you tried the modern send hotkeys? In that it will ask to indicate an element. Try to give the horizontal scrollbar as the elemnt and send keys right arrow.