Screenshot unattended bot in a VM issue


So I have a bot that takes several screenshots. When I run the bot from UiPath everything looks great. But once I went to PROD, and ran it from orchestrator (scheduled) in a Virtual Machine, the screenshot resolution is coming up weird.
Here are two screenshots, the first one is how it supposed to be and how it is when I run from UIPath, and then the second one is when it runs scheduled from orchestrator in the vm.

I know we can’t see the difference in these screenshots, but it’s because I can’t post screenshots with data. Normally this table has more columns, and I can’t see all of them in my screenshot because it’s zoomed.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

By default, the screen resolution on the bot machine is 800x600. You have to change it in Orchestrator under Robots (the management section for robots at the bottom), and change the resolution. Here are my preferred settings, but feel free to adjust these as you see fit.

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