Difference of screenshot in attended and unattended mode

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We are trying to solve a use case where we need to take dynamic screenshot of Guidewire ClaimCenter.
We have created the solution and it is working fine when we run the job using Studio bot and Non-Prod (Attended mode) bot. However, when we run the job on Non prod (Unattended mode) the bot is unable to capture the screenshot correctly
Please find below screenshots from both the modes:
Unattended bot -

Attended bot -

To get the complete screenshot of the section we are decreasing the Page Zoom to 67% within chrome. However, while running in Unattended mode we are unable to do so.

Could you please let us know if there is another way to resolve the same or in case any additional information is required.


Hi @mshai1 ,

Could you let us know what is the resolution set for the Robot Settings in the Orchestrator ?


We have not changed it set to default -
Screenshot 2023-02-28 192433
it setting as default


Obviously the resolution on your RDP server is lower than on your desktop. This is common. Set it the same as your desktop if that’s what you need to see in the screenshot.

@mshai1 ,

You could add the resolution Width as 1920 and height as 1800 as this is normally/preferably used.
Also set the Resolution Depth to 32.

Then Check if this setting enables you to get the screenshot in the required manner.

Let us know the results.

I think you mean 1080 not 1800. Also 1920x1080 isn’t normal nor prefered, it’s just what you see in your environment. What’s normal and preferred is to match the robot resolution to the developers’ machines, so that any type of OCR, image recognition etc is working off the same resolution.

@mshai1 @postwick , Apologies. Yes, I did make a typo error there.

Yes, For this purpose, we would need to keep in mind the same resolution is to be followed in all the environments. However, we do also prefer initially the mentioned resolution values (1920 x 1080) to be kept when starting with the automation or vm set up. It is also preferred in general.

What is the source of that recommendation?

@postwick ,

A normal search in Google revealed that :slightly_smiling_face: .

Maybe a much more insightful one would be the below :

Thanks this works.

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