Is there a way to get a snapshot of the robot's screen every time it fails?

I am looking for a way to troubleshoot my robot. We can get the process to run when watching the bot but when the bot is run from orchestrator, it often errors out for different reasons.

I was hoping that the bot could take a screenshot and email us what it is seeing each time it errors to make trouble shooting easier.

Is there a function for this?


Have a look at the REFramework built into UiPath. It has a built-in tool which captures screenshots when the process fails as well as flexible and stable error handling.

Hi,my English is pool.
Take Screenshot Activity,I think is helpful.

@nedenfield You can add exceptions in error prone areas and in the catch block ,use the take screenshot activity and mention a path…
Also, if you are an enterprise user you can enable recording option available in process tab. It takes required no. of screenshots per second during the last minute of failure .it gets downloaded in yourlocal folder where your project exists { Failure means faulted}