Screen Scrapping not extracting data on some web forms

Hello everyone!!
Am completely new into UIpath I am facing issues while screen scrapping on some forms of some web browsers like Microsoft Edge. The data is not getting extracted for some forms properly. While for some other forms it is working good.
Any help will be highly appreciated as am stuck into this issue since past many days!!
Thank you

Could u please share the screenshot of webpage u are trying to scarp if possible?


Sir this one sir we are struggling a lot on this.

Which values u need from here ?

Sir actually the form has the limitation that we can only open it in only Internet explorer and sir since we are using windows 11 so we don’t have access to internet explorer so what we did was we used Internet explorer mode inside edge. So sir this is the form me and my team were trying to extract using screen scrapping.

The business need is to extract the data and get it printed in a json file. We want every field of the form

These are the results that we got sir instead of actual data it is extracting the button kind of things.