Datascaping on Google on Internet Explorer (IE)

Hi All,

I new in Uipath.

I unable to work as what is in the guide in Uipath Guide on data scraping. (About Data Scraping)

When I do so, the selectors is highlight WHOLE tab instead, and indicate error “This control does not support data extraction”.

Did anyone know how to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Did you installed the Extensions for IE?Capture

@Pangheechoy Restart uipath studio and check

Data Scrapping is generally used for scrapping Structured data. See this

And dont forget to install browser extensions

Extensions for IE is Java?

no its not, You dont need to install extension for IE

What can i do now? it still not able to get data even i reinstall again.

Did you installed the IE extensions for UI studio?

Can you show what are you trying to scrape

@ravisangam what is the extension for IE? is Java?

@PrankurJoshi I learning for the selector however all the click from IE is not able return any selector.

same condition with this post. (This control does not support data extraction)

Another thing may related, all the icon in the edit field (this forum reply box, ie. italic, quote and etc) is not visible in same device.

I would suggest if you are using Community Edition to uninstall UiPath completely and reinstall it.

Completely means remove UiPath folder from %appdata% local as well

Not java… IE

Try refer to this if it can solve your problem