Advanced Training Assignment 1 Screen Scraping Issue

Hi All,

I am facing an issue while trying to complete Assignment 1 of the Advanced Training, in which the screen scraping is not able to correctly scrape the details of the work items (client name, ID and country). I had tried using both Full Text and method but it’s scraping garbage values. So I used OCR and it did read it correctly the first time, for the first 2-3 work items. But after that it has been inconsistent and it is scraping incorrectly. I’ve tried scraping again and again but to no avail.

Can someone please help me with this issue. I’m using Chrome browser for automation, because the IE extension is not available for the version I’m using. Could anyone please help me with how to install Uipath extension for IE browser.


Use Get Text in order to get your info in the detailed view
There is no extension for IE, as it can be used native

Hi @yogesh_27

what do you mean by “garbarge” values - can you give an example? You mean you used ScreenScraping with “Full text” and “native”? As @c.ciprian already mentionen you can use the get text activity to extract the data.

Hi Frank,

Yes I have used Screen Scraping with Full Text and Native, but it didn’t work. By garbage values I mean, it is scraping the details incorrectly, e.g. Client ID “DB56550” is read as “8856SS0”. Similarly the Client name and Country are read incorrectly.
I’ll try using the Get Text activity as mentioned. Thanks!

@c.ciprian Thanks for your prompt reply, I’ll try using the Get Text activity and get back.