Screen Scraping reading one column with two words as two separate columns

Hello, everybody! I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with this request!

I am using Screen Scraping to scrape seemingly structured data from SAP. I have 8 columns, only one of which contains a space in the header name. When I extract the data, the column with the space between the words is splitting into two columns. I need them to be one. Below is the structure:

Date, Lockbox, Batch, Checks, Applied, Part.appl, On account, Unprocess

On account should be one column and is being extracted as two.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


As you said it is structured data right. Use Data scraping instead of screen scraping.

It appears structured but Data Scraping is not supported in the application that I am using


Have you enabled script in both client and server side or not ? To automate SAP application then we need to enable script then only BOT can identify elements.

I have enabled scripting

Hi , Once you use the Screenscrapping , copy the extracted text from the preview area of screenscrapping
Now use "generate datatableā€™ activity , double click it
Paste the above selected text and select multiple options like ā€˜Detect columns automaticallyā€™ , ā€˜CSV parsingā€™ , ā€˜COnsider first row as headersā€™
try all these options differently and see the output preview
Once you get the proper Datatable output
You can merge the columns data

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