Please Help with Screen Scraping output to Dt

Hello, everybody! I am hoping that someone will be able to help me with this request!

I am using Screen Scraping to scrape seemingly data from SAP. I have 8 columns, only one of which contains a space in the header name. When I scrape the data, the column with the space between the words (On account) is splitting into two columns. I need them to be one. Below is the structure:

Date, Lockbox, Batch, Checks, Applied, Part.appl, On account, Unprocess

On account should be one column and is being extracted as two.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

by default white space is the column separator that is the reason you are getting this result . what are you getting in the place of records for that extra column ?

I am just getting blank cells. So theoretically, if I could just remove the extra column or combine the two, it would solve my problem.

you should do it using invoke code only i suppose . like pass this data table as input and create one more data table having one column less than this.
itrate to all the rows in this input table and assign the values of the input datatable to the coresponding columns of the new data table. except for those two columns to be merged.
eg: lets assume oldtable has 4 columns new has 3
new table ( col(0).row(i)) = old table (col(0).row(i))
say when it comes to column 3
new table ( col3.row(i)) = old table (col3.row(i).tostring + col4.row(i))
output will be your new table
this is a very code way of doing it. am not sure whether there is ui path way to do it.

did this work ? if it worked please close the thread.