Extract table from UI while ignoring space

I have a table as shown below, when I extract and convert it into a datatable, because of the space between columns, it splits it up. Is there any way I can read the table exactly as it is?

Hi @arun_menon

what is the issue you are facing with spaces?

Hi Nived,
When I am trying to extract the table, the columns are delimited by space, but as there is a space in the column name, that column is getting split. For example the column ‘Personal Accident’ the column is getting split into two separate columns. ‘Personal’ and ‘Accident’.

Hi @arun_menon
How are u scrapping the datatable, using datatable scrapping or screenscrapping?

I am using get text and then passing it through generate data table option.

Can u try using datascraping option?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to read this table on the go, like fully automated and the number of columns are variable.

Dear @arun_menon

For your case datascraping option in Uipath would be a good as it helps to extract structed data easily without any other issue

Generate Datatable is also fine but it would be difficult to convert this into datatable (as there are some spaces issue)

Hi @arun_menon

Did ur issue got resolved?

Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR data scrapping option works fine but I want to use it dynamically in the workflow without any user interference. Any other options you suggest?

Dynamically means?

Like for data scrapping I can’t include it in the workflow right. I have to manually click and select it every time. I want to just select the table one time in the workflow and then everytime the automation runs it should automatically pick it up.

Datascrapping actually first u had to pick up the table which u need to scrap at the stage of development , then every time when u run the workflow we , don’t had to do the same again @arun_menon

It will scrap the data automatically

Even with Data scrapping it is not working as in some cases there are empty columns, in such cases the values gets shifted. But I guess its ok, I have found the filter data table option with which I can manipulate the table, so I think all good. Thanks a lot for your help.

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