Screen scraping is not working in BW SAP application

Hello Team,

I am facing issue while screen scraping in Excel Analysis BW SAP application. When i try to navigate through screen scraping in specific field, It’s selecting multiple fields.I don’t why it’s not selecting individual field. Please help me to resolve that issue.



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Usually with SAP Application we need to enable GUI scripting
If it’s with Excel plug-in for sap, still being excel it will select the element as a whole element and not as individual element
If we want to scrape it we can use Ocr scrapping in Screen scrapping method
We can try with Computer Vision Activity

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The solution is here: SAP Excel Analysis for Office Automation - #6 by LevKushnir

Computer Vision is the way to go.

Best regards, Lev

Hello Palaniyappan,

I am using BW SAP with the help of “Analysis in Microsoft Excel”. Do you have any knowledge, how to enable BW SAP gui in “Analysis in Microsoft Excel” setting.

Do you have any knowledge about license cost of Computer Vision?

@ALAM_MD you would need to speak to your Sales guy to get all costs correct.

Sounds like a standard answer, but true

@Palaniyappan please correct you post :slight_smile: there are no SCRIPTING available for SAP AddOn in Excel.

@ALAM_MD I answered your technical question above → Computer Vísion

Hi LevKushnir,

I am using Orchestrator 2019.10.15 version for development, testing & production. I am not able to find computer vision API Key in Orchestrator 2019.10.15 license option.