SAP ui element not able to capture

Not able to capture SAP ui element

Need help.

Hi @debashreed1

Is this issue local to this screen?

Please ensure that you have scripting enabled on the client and SAP server. Information on how to do this can be found here and also within our SAP automation academy course. The academy course is available for free, and doesn’t take too long to complete and will give you everything that you need to know for SAP automation.

If you still encounter issues after ensuring scripting is enabled you can try using our computer vision solutions which is also effective at automation the SAP GUI.


I have enabled the SAP scripting. But still element unable to capture


Double check to ensure that scripting is enabled both on the client and server side.

If there are still issues, consider using surface automation techniques (images, ocr) or computer vision. You may also be able to operate the screen through keystrokes.

Hope this helps,


Hi Harry,

I tried to do with the image based automation as u suggested but it doesnt seem reliable solution and I have checked with all the configuration settings in SAP scripting enabled, all are correct but the issue still exist. My uipath version is 2018.1.7 and SAP version is SAP 720. Please help me with any other solution.


2018.1 is quite an old version of UiPath. If you’re able to upgrade that would help a lot as a lot of advancements have been made in SAP automation since then, and you’ll have additional options available (such as computer vision).

Lacking that, you could try keystroke based automation if you’re just looking to perform navigation or data entry. In the screenshot that you sent you could try sending keys, or using type intos / click OCR text to automate that screen.

Hope this helps,


Type Into or click activities doesn’t work.Image based automation like click image works but again image based is not reliable.

Hi @debashreed1

You can use the type into activities or Send Hotkeys activities to send keystrokes to the application. If your application is always in the same state, so hotkey combination of tabs, keys and enters could be enough to get through the screen you were having difficulty with.

You can also try using the Click OCR Text activity, which will scrape the text of the label for the box you’re trying to type in, and by setting an offset you can click into that box. You can then use a type into with no selector to type the necessary information in.

Give those things a try and I hope you find a solution soon,


HI @debashreed1

The solution is to upgrade to the latest UiPath Studio

2018.1 is out of support

2020.4 we have introduced thousand of changes and news. Check this

Best regards, Lev

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