SAP B1 Automation Struggles


I have a project for a client in which we are automating SAP Business One. I see I cannot select anything and when I try to indicate on screen it illuminates the entire page.

Has anyone perhaps automated in SAP Business One and has any tips of how to automate it as stable as possible?

I have automated in SAP before and I don’t think this SAP has an optikon to enable Scripting.

@Tristan_Kok1 First you have to enable SAP Gui scripting enabled for client and server side.

@Arpit_Kesharwani I do not see this option in SAP B1. I have automated in SAP before and enabled scripting, but I do not see this option in SAP B1

Hi @Tristan_Kok1,

Please try below any option.
1)Try to use desktop record.
2)try to F3 or F4 changes will effect for select region for indicate on screen

Omkar P

@Reddy_Paluri Thank you, I will try. Will Computer Vision Work for this?

As i know from my company SAP B1 is accessed via a rdp session. Similar to a citrix environment. So usual indicating elements with selectors is not working. You should try automation via hotkey, image, CV. Maybe think about installing the rpa robot executor on the maschine where the application is hosted.

Will Computer Vision Work for this?
I am not sure it will work.I have only experience in Sap b1 development.It will configure visual studio so we can automate through desktop recording or CV

@schwarzp I will try that. Do you have any guide on how to install the executor? I installed UiPath onto their VM directly so I am developing on the VM itself.

ah ok, then you already did what i suggested. If your already developing on the vm where the B1 application is hosted and you can’t select elements from the gui there, i’m out of ideas. Never touched B1 in our company with UiPath.