Screen Scraping in uipath studio not able to scrap all data even if it do it showing encoded character

Hi I am Trying to scrap the Calculator window using screen scraping Capture . but we are not able to scrap some field like multiplication operator ie. * and some operatpors are encoded into some other format like . I want to scrap the calculator window using screen scraping then store/write it into csv. PLEASE HELP

May be because of encoding.
You can try OCR activities.

Dear KarthikByggari,

I tried using Get OCR text still issue is same. Please try to help me

@Gurpreet_Singh Check this xaml Main.xaml (8.4 KB)

Great Indra, but i noticed few thing in that you are getting encoded character for backspace and 1/x. This is the main issue i am getting using screen scraping native method. This same issue prsist in your xaml. Please try to solve it. I need your help

I am having windows 10. The calculator is entirely different from windows 7.
May be someone can help you.