Data Scraping selector and Scraping Result format Problem

Hi RPA Experts,

I have come up with this little program to scrap shop item URLs from multiple online shopping platforms.

But when the URL is made up of non-english characters, it will not give me a proper result.

the correct URL is :

But the scraping result is:

Attahced is my Uipath file: (19.0 KB)

Your help is greatly appreciated!



After confirmation,
It seems ExtractData is passing the correct value to the variable. Perhaps this is due to the character code set to “Add to CSV”. This problem can be solved by setting the correct character encoding to “Encoding”.


Thank you so much for looking into this Tera. May I know where exactly do I change the “encoding” part of the setting?

Hi @Penganimation,

Please take a look here →

You can use the Name in the “Name” Column and paste it in the Encoding section of the activityencoding

Thank you but I have tried to put “windows-1258” in the encoding for Vietnamese. It doesn’t seem to work. Any idea where went wrong?

According to research, this property may not work.
Sorry for providing uncertain information.

As a workaround, you can convert to “String” with “OutPutDataTable” and output to CSV with “AppendLine”.


Hi Tera,

Thank you for your help, I have tried this and its still giving me the same result. Are there any other work around for this bug?


Try “UTF-8” for the character code of “AppendLine”.

I want to investigate a little more, so the next reply may be delayed.

sure Tera, thank you so much for your help.By the way I have tried “UTF-8” in “Append Line”
same result.

Hi Tera,

It seems writing to excel solves the problem. It seems that excel has some build in function to decode foreign characters compares to csv. Anyways, thank you so much for your help. this forum is awesome.