Color issues with screen scraping

hi everyone
i had a problem with extracting data from a citrix software
i took a print screen that i joined
the problem is when using uipath scrape relative i can extract yellow numbers but not red numbers
is there a way to get throw it??

Sans titre

Hi @othmane,

Use OCR Screen Scrapping and Use Google OCR with “Invert” attribute Checked.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Prashant Singh

i have already tried it, but it doesn’t work

did it work for you with that picture??

so nobody found ananswer
what should i do??

Have faith my friend :slight_smile:
Good that you bumped it, it’s an interesting problem to solve and I was wanting to get around to something similar for a looong time.

Can you try with this set: (36.2 KB)

Workflow screenshot if you cant download zips

You will need to install this package for it to work (it’s far from optimal, but seems to get the job done):
CleanImageActivities.0.2.0.nupkg (5.7 KB)


For those interested in what it does under the hood or want to build/alter themselves → pastebin link: ChangeColorActivity -


Always new things to learn from this gentleman. Will try out. Thanks.

thank you for your answer
that seems convincing
sorry for bothering you more, but how can I install that package??
and after installing the package, will my uipath recognize these red characters if i use screen scrapping in a bot with the citrix software i got the image screen printed from??

Check this:

You can open packages window with ctrl+p.

Can’t guarantee it, but if the sample image is anything to go by - it should.

Remember that you’ll need to call this activity before doing OCR on the Image you grabbed.

SampleRealUsage.xaml (24.8 KB)

xaml screenshot

i installed it
the workflow works nicely
but the screen scraping without the workflow still doesn’t read the red characters, so i can’t use it for my automation
is there some other way to get it done??
or some other package that could help with the screen scraping??

Well, if your workflow doesn’t use the activity, it won’t help.

Not sure where to go further with this to be honest.