Data scrapping not supportive and screen scrapping is not clear

what if the data scrapping is not supporting(as below).Also, the result through screen scrapping is not clear as all unwanted elements are scrapped ? how can we have the data in this case ? image

Hi @new_user
can you please tell me from where you wanna read the data, i mean from web/any text file/pdf or where.


then you should use data scraping. if its not working then try get text with ocr.

it is not supporting (pfa the snapshot of the same)

can you please send me a screen shot of that web…

somethig like this in a table format

did you tried screen scrapping…!?

yup. it gives me unwanted things that aren’t comparable :frowning:

and what about get OCR text…

full text,ocr and native- all give unwanted things


May I know what browser are you using ?



To work with Chrome browser, we need to install chrome extension from UIpath. Have you installed it ?

If not then do it first and then it will identify elements.

yup i have

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