Scraping linkedin post from a certain profile

I need to scrape a post’s URL at Linkedin Profile . I am using Data Scraping, however it gives same URL for each post.
How can I scrape the URL for each post?
All help will be appreciated


I see two things to do:
First to scroll down until no new articles will be loaded.
Second use an idx-loop over all the three dot menu to copy the URL to the article to the clipboard.
Also I think LinkedIn makes this on purpose, it is intended not to make it so easy to scrape the links to all articles.

Thanks for replying.
I could not figure out how can I do this idx-loop for three dots. Do you have any example?
Thanks for your help

Here we go:
Linkedin-Loader.xaml (11,3 KB)
Works fine on my system, you will have to adjiust text in selectors from german to your language.

Thank you soo much! I will try immediately and let you know for the consequences.

Unfortunately, I am getting an error like this. There is one missing package but could not find

Could you please help me?

You can use LinkedCamp. It enables you to scrape data on each post. Just copy-paste the post URL and it will scrape data of the users involved.

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It seems you have old versions of the lib installed, please update in package manager.

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