LinkedIn Profile Data Scraping

I need to know candidate profile data scraping using uipath data scraping tool, let me know is it possible on Linkedin or not?
It only works the first time, but after that(when I run again) it doesn’t work.

Hi @hasankhan,

What do you mean it only works the first time? What is the error you are getting? The issue is most probably that your selectors are not dynamic enough. can you send your selector.


check this out and let me know

hi Hasan, im guessing you have figured this out but what worked for me was to place an asterisk in the ParentID…“Ember*”

Also I’ve got a challenge - I’m trying to scrape by the details of the job (right panel) for each listed job search result (left panel). How do I do this?

Yeah, LinkedIn data scrapping is possible with some tools like LinkedCamp which I using to scrap data for myself. You can use the tool to scrap data on your ideal leads.

how to do so, help