Need urgent assistance......Data scraping fails in Linkedin


My requirement is like type a name in search box of LinkedIn, check the results, scrape the data, and click the profile of the each candidate store the available information.

I can able to type and get the search results. But Data scraping is not able to get the results. can any one help in this.


@Srini84 In data scraping selectors are changing dynamically use ui explorer and make stable selectors

@indra, Thanks for the immediate reply.

Yes, I observed that, but i tried to make the stable selector. still it is not scraping, any suggestions please.


@Srini84 As per my knowledge selectors are changing please check it

@indra ok, I am tried using wild characters, but still it is not working

Hi @jacob_summers

Thanks for the workflow, i tried it, it is scraping for the first time, if it is tried with other name or try with second time means it is not scraping. please check


Update the part of the selector that says “John” to “*”

tried, even the parent id is also chaning i tried using wild character, still problem is there

@Srini84 Please go to this site Scraping Social Media data - #6 by xkarrox
I had a similar issue and I could solve it.

Compare the selector before and after the refresh of the page and get the stable selector. Take stable selector and try scraping it. I hope it helps :slight_smile: