Data scraping in social website (linkedin)

can any one help me on retrieving data from an company page
i.e browser
2.login with credentials
3.type into -credentails
4.type into -search=e.g:Appstek option
6.then select company name
7.then select
see all employee’s on Linkedin
8.opens a new page and select the name and domain
and next
9.i should save the data which i have selected into excel

this is what my process is can any one help me out i have tried screen record,web scraping, and many other options suggest me any thing or guide me so that i can complete this task
as im a rookie in uipath help me out

thanks in advance

Hi @Myshudhage,
Could you please edit title of the post and write there something which describes a little your issue? “NEED HELP!” (capital letters and exclamation mark) will not cause your problem to be solved faster or anything like that. Here is the perfect example how the posts should look like:

i just wanted a quick review nothing else thanks for the intimation i have changed the cover

thanks @Pablito

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Hii all,

I have a similar issue.Any help with this issue would be a massive help.

thanks in advance.