Not able to get the data from Linkedin using DataScraping

I have a task to retrieve the data from the linked profile. I am not able to retrieve the education info as the id is different for every profile. The selector is "<webctrl id="ember28354" tag="UL">". I have used the wildcard "<webctrl id="ember*" tag="UL">". If the use the wildcard, the result is empty. Please help to solve this issue. Use the following url to for test.


could you please attach your workflow?

I am totally new to uipath. I am in learning phase. I will provide the steps which I have followed:

  1. I opened the first profile (
  2. Clicked the datascrapping
  3. Selected the “Harvard Business School” and “United States Military Academy at West Point”
  4. Selected the Degree “MBA” and “BS”
  5. Clicked the “Finish” and “No”
  6. Changed the Attached Browser selected as
  7. I am not able the same code for another profile
  8. I am getting the empty datatable

I have a problem with attaching files on board.
Try this:
Attach browser: Browser Type IE, delete selector
Extract structure data: selector - , Extract metadata:
'column name=‘Column1’ attr=‘text’ exact=‘1’>
'webctrl tag=‘li’ class=‘school’ />
'webctrl tag=‘header’ idx=‘1’ />
'webctrl tag=‘h4’ class=‘item-title’ idx=‘1’ />
'webctrl tag=‘a’ idx=‘1’ />

Please replace ’ with <

Thanks for your reply. The education section is varying between pages. I am not sure how to give the selector and metadata. If you share your email id, I will send the file to you.

@vijayathii Please go to this site Scraping Social Media data
I had a similar issue I could solve it.

Hii All,

Can any one help me on retrieving data from an company page
i.e browser

2.login with credentials
3.type into -search with company name =e.g: Accenture option - industry type = e.g Information Technology and services
6.then select this company name with industry type
7. Goto company page then select about.
then click on website and see all employee’s on Linkedin
8.opens a new page and select the name and domain and next
9.i should save the data which i have selected into excel

This is what my process is can any one help me out i have tried screen record,web scraping, and many other options but gives me an error . suggest me any thing or guide me so that i can complete this task

Thanks in advance