Scraping data from website

I want to scrape data from specs tab from following link . Can someone help me?

hi @Nikhil_Vidhate welcome to the community…
you can done this with data scrapping…
assume if you searching for item of LED Light in a browser means ,

  1. Create a Sequence . Now open a browser and go to this page
  2. Now search for LED Light .
  3. Now come back to UiPath Studio and click on Data Scraping from Design Ribbon Tab.
  4. Now follow the Data Scraping Wizard :if you want to select multiple items means,
  • Click Next to select First Item Name . Then click Next to select Second item name to form a pattern.
  • Then Click on Extract Corelated Data to extract other details like Price etc.
  • Finally click on Finish , to finish the wizard. You will be asked to indicate a Next button in case items are present on multiple pages.
  1. if you want to store those scrapped data means ,Then come back to UiPath again, and drag an Excel Application Scope activity below Data Scraping activity. Mention the path of file
  2. Atlast Add a Write Range activity…
    hpy learning… :blush:

Find a demo here:
Nikhil_Vidhate.xaml (11.5 KB)

it does read in into a datatable

For DataScraping the iterating row cannot be defined, due the given html element structure

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@shalinisettu Thanks but it gives error while scraping.

@ppr Thanks for your reply but i want to scrape data using data scraping wizard. I need selector values.

The HTML structure does Not allow to Let define a row Definition for the datascarapping extractmetadata configuration XML. Thats the reason Why IT was done with find children approach. Any reasons why IT has to be done with Data scraping?

@ppr Beacuse i need selector values

Please elaborate more in this. On which selectors are you referring?

@ppr Metadata selector

But already got that this Type of HTML structure and data scraping approach with having a row Definition are NOT compatible?

Are you saying anyhow it is not possible by using data scraping wizard?

Refer to my Post above. The HTML structure is a series of divs and Not a HTML table. For datascrapping WE have to find a row Definition selector along with column selectors. IT seems to me that this is Not possible. Thats why i realized IT with find children

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@ppr Ok Thank you