Screen Scraping selector

Hello every1

Im trying to do a exercise but I can’t find the screen scraping selector
could any1 help me? have a look at my toolbar

Hi @Wagner_Macedo

It is the modern design experience you can’t find screen scraping option in the design ribbon.
In recent update of UiPath Studio, classic experience is removed and we have only modern design.
You can use the Table extraction option in design ribbon for datatable scraping both are same.

Check the below image to find out the Table extraction,

Hope it helps!!

ok but it doesnt allow me to extract how the exercise show me =(

have a look at the error

should be like that afte using the screen scraping

Are you trying to extract the datatable format or you want to scrap the text from the website.

If you want to scrap the required text from webpage, Use the Get Text activity which helps you to scrap the data and store in a String datatype Variable.

If you want to scrap the datatable formatted elements, Use the Table Extraction option or Extract Datatable activity.

I think you want to scrap the Text from webpage, the use the Get Text activity.

Hope it helps!! @Wagner_Macedo

the course video is about how to do with classic experience…Idk UiPath course still continue teaching with no updated versions…=( it make the course hardest

I want extract the text as u can see at the last screenshot , but using data scraping its impossible

this is the imagem from the course video where they use screen scraping, but Im going to try how you say

Hi @Wagner_Macedo

If you want the screenScrapping option in your project you can get it this way:

Open your Project.json file and add the below give line below "fileInfoCollection": [],

 "modernBehavior": false,

Refer the screenshot below for better understanding:

Save the json file and reopen your project, you will be able to to see Screen Scraping and Data Scraping option.
Refer the below image for better understanding

Hope it helps!!

ok let me try this =)
thanks Dude

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Okay @Wagner_Macedo

It’s working for me. If it’s working for you make mark it as solution to close the loop.

Happy Automation!!

Really it worked as well

thank you for the helping bro

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and Happy New Year by the way =) :grin:

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Thank you and wish you the same brother :smiley: @Wagner_Macedo

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