Help me to navigate to data scraping feature

How to find Data scraping feature in 2021 uipath studio edition

It is in the Design Ribbon. The button can be either “Table Extraction” or “Data Scraping” based on whether Modern mode is enabled.

You can refer to the screenshot below.


If you need classic data scraping, the following might help you.


Hi @umesh.benade4,

The current studio by default opens up in the Modern Mode if you want the classic view where the previous activites and labels like data scrapping are present the you can do below steps


Click on settings then general and disable the modern view and click OK.



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there are several ways to do that.

1.Modern Design experience:

If you’re using modern design experience these are the following ways to get the data scraping wizard on the ribbon.

  1. Table Extraction: This is same as Data Scraping we can get the tabular data by using Table extraction. You just need to click on that icon need to indicate the field which you wants to scrape.

2.Classic Design Experience:(Project Level)

If you’re using modern design experience still wants to use data scraping excep Table Extraction only for the project level please follow the below stpes:

Navigate to Project panel->Click on ( :gear:) Icon->General->Modern Design Experience turn off this.


Now you can see the Data scraping icon in Ribbon.

Studio Level

If you wants to use only Classic Design Experience entire studio. please follow the below steps to get the classic design experience studio level.

**Navigate Home->Settings->Design->Turn off Modern Design Experience


Now you can see the Data scraping for every new projects.