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I have a scenario where the bot processes an invoice and if an error is encountered, it adds the invoice to a delay queue where the invoice will be processed again after 48 hours to see if the error has been fixed.

In my workflow, I have an add queue item activity where I postpone the queue item for 48 hours. What kind of trigger do I need to set up so that the jobs in the queue are picked up 48 hours after they have been added to the queue.

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In UiPath Orchestrator, the “Postpone Queue Item” action does not change the state of the queue item. Instead, it sets a future time when the queue item will be eligible for processing again. The queue item will remain in its current state (e.g., New, In Progress, Failed, etc.) until the “Postpone Time” is reached.

When you use the “Postpone Queue Item” action to delay processing, the item will not be available for retrieval by robots until the specified “Postpone Time” is reached. This means that the item will effectively be “hidden” from processing until the delay period has passed.

Let’s say you have an invoice processing queue with the following states: New, In Progress, and Failed. When a robot encounters an error while processing an invoice, it will use the “Postpone Queue Item” action and set a “Postpone Time” 48 hours later. The item will still remain in the same state (e.g., Failed) during this period.

After the 48 hours have passed, the item will become eligible for processing again, and a robot can pick it up and attempt to process it once more. If the error has been resolved, the robot can complete the processing. Otherwise, it may postpone the item again for another 48 hours.

In summary, the “Postpone Queue Item” action does not change the state of the queue item. It only delays the processing of the item until the specified time has been reached.

lets keep in mind:

we do see that only from In Progress the Postpone flows to new

Okay I see. Thank you for your response.
So does this mean that I only need to set up a queue trigger and when an item in the delay queue is ready to be processed (after the 48 hours), it’ll then be picked up automatically?

also have a look here:

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@Loveness01 Exactly It should pick it again to process after completing portended time

Thank you so much. This helped a lot and I learned something new in the process! :slight_smile:

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