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I’m trying to create a condition that my automation puts a queue item into a queue on failure.
Catch is i don’t want the queue item to be processed immidiately, but rather an hour after last failure.

I’m wondering how the postpone queue item works.
Does the trigger, trigger of the queue item creation or does it realize that it’s been postponed for an hour and runs it when the ‘timer’ has run out?

Or does it run at creation point and fail due to the item not being processable? In this case, what happens then??

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Hi @Mads_Commerou ,

Postpone queue item works this way that the queue item is postponed till the time given, and it is not picked for pressing until and unless that time is reached.


Here from picture you can see how it looks like when we postpone a queue item. UiPath places a time on it and the queue item is processable only after mentioned time.

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Thank you for the insightful response. Will it then trigger automatically or do i need to check the queue if there is an item that can be processed?

Hi @Mads_Commerou ,
You can have a look at this doc for better understanding:
Managing Queues in Studio.


  1. In the Postpone field, add the date after which this item can be processed.
  2. In the Deadline field, add the date before which this item has to be processed.
    The Deadline and Postpone properties add a new priority to queue items. For example, a queue item which is due today at 7 pm and has a Medium priority is processed first, before another item that has no due date and a High priority.

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Shubham Dutta

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If you have a trigger placed on your queue, then it will be treated just like other queue items after the postpone time.

If you don’t have any trigger on your queue, then you will have to check the queue if there’s any queue item to process, but again it will be only be considered to process after postpone time.

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Thank you!

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