RPA Orchestrator Queue - Postpone


I have multiple items in queue. when 1 get 1st item from queue with Get transaction item and change item status to postpone it continue looping into same item does not go to the 2nd item in the queue. my loop remain iterating same item which i have changed item status to pending and in the queue orchestration its status change to in progress. why (Get transaction item) it is not going to next item in the queue?

Another question is when we postpone the job what will be its status and it will be available in the queue on postpone date ? or after postpone date for example if i set postpone date to 02-11-2018 then it will be available at 02-11-2018 or after that date?


Modifying the deadline of a queue item or postponing it changes its status to new.

Yes, on postpone date.
And it will be processed any time between Postpone and Deadline

Try these for more info on postpone. They will help you understand the missing bits:


My scenario is to run the job daily at 10 am or may be daily at 2pm … so i want these queues items to be available at whatever time for example any time between 10am to 2pm when i run the job from orchestrator. so i am postponing queue item to tomorrow and i have to run the job at any time between 10am-2pm
so what postpone date/time should i give for this queue items?

i want if i postpone any item for example to 07 november then these queue items should be available on 7 november at any time whenever i run the job to process them? so what value i should give in postpone time? in case of 7 nov for example

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Case1: Tomorrow between 10AM - 2PM

Deadline: New Date (Date.Now.Year,Date.Now.Month,(Date.Now.Day+1),14,0,0,DateTimeKind.Utc)
Postpone: New Date (Date.Now.Year,Date.Now.Month,(Date.Now.Day+1),10,0,0,DateTimeKind.utc)
QueueName: Your Queue Name
Priority: If you have any priority based processing set here or set as Normal

Case2: On 7th Nov at anytime

Deadline: New Date (Date.Now.Year,11,7,23,59,59,DateTimeKind.Utc)
Postpone: New Date (Date.Now.Year,11,7,0,0,0,DateTimeKind.utc)
TransactionItem: Your queueItem