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I am using UIPath Studio to automate some basic stuff, I am new to RPA and I want to schedule a task. But I couldn’t find any option in the studio. Do I have to install any package or what?

Thank you

Hi and welcome to RPA!

To schedule a process / task you need to use the UiPath Orchestrator product. There is a community edition available, check it here. First you need to click on “Become a tenant” button to create your own tenant / account.
I recommend you to start the Foundation training in the UiPath Academy, if you didn’t already enrolled for that one. Once completed, you’ll get a better understanding on the capabilities of UiPath Studio and you can continue with the Orchestrator training and the Advanced RPA Developer training. All courses are provided free of charge.


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I appreciate your response. I already have a task that I developed. Now I want to schedule that task to run during wee hours of morning. I do have a Tenant account. I just dont know how to upload my task file into the tenant account to schedule. Can you please tell me how do I do that

Thank you

There are several steps you need to do:

  1. Connect UiPath Robot to Orchestrator - details here.
  2. Open your project in Studio and publish it - when connected to Orchestrator, the package is sent to Orchestrator.
  3. Create a new Environment and add your robot to it, in Orchestrator.
  4. Deploy your process in the created environment.
  5. Add a shedule to execute the process.


Thank you very much. I was able to schedule the task successfully. I am actually using UIPath in an Citrix environment. When I run the task (scheduled time) in the orchestrator the citrix environment closes down returning to my local computer. I tried many times but it does the same. Do you know why its doing that?

Thank you

Probably because your remote connection doesn’t support multiple connections at the same time. You can check this but having a connection to the citrix environment and then connect to the same citrix from another computer.
For Windows Server operating systems you can have multiple sessions at the same time, but for Windows client versions (Windows 7, 8, 10) you can only have one user session. So when the second user will login, the previous one is disconnected.

Also, stop using the preformatted text when posting, it's difficult to read.

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