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I have seen the “update” tab discussed as an option within the community edition to schedule the flowchart I’ve created. Does anyone know if this is a viable option. If yes, does anyone know how to enable it?

Hi @Jake_R

What do you mean to schedule the flowchart? So after creating your automation to schedule it to run every day at 9 am for example? This can be done in Orchestrator, connecting the Robot on the Studio machine to as a Development Robot.

But i don’t understand your initial sentence. Do you mean to schedule directly from Studio?

Sorry, flowchart is the automation. I do mean schedule directly from studio. Perhaps I’m incorrect regarding this being an option

I am also attempting to get this to work in Orchestrator, but have created some difficulty for myself it seems. I am receiving error messages in my robot. I created a separate post here: Seem to have a 'Tenant' related problem

Apologies in advance for my lack of know-how

No worries, Jake, i was just trying to understand what you are trying to achieve in order for me to provide a solution for your particular question.

So scheduling directly from Studio is not possible at this moment. The main reason is because Studio is a development tool and in order to create your automation most of the developers use dummy or test data (for example they have a test account in the application they are automating and only in production the real credentials are used).

For the other thread i’ll just answer there :slight_smile:

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