Seem to have a 'Tenant' related problem

I seem to have a ‘tenant’ related problem. When I publish my task on UiStudio I get this message:
‘Error: Publish of Workflow Orchestrator Failed: Robot with Username Jake is not defined in Orchestrator’.

Then when I open UIRobot I get another, probably related error. First off, the robot used to show a local process, and no longer does. Second, when I go to configure for orchestrator I enter
Machine Name: Correctly identifies my PC
Orchestrator URL:
Machine Key: The key I created in orchestrator when I added a new machine

The result is status ‘Unavailable’ with a warning that “the machine key is linked to another machine”

This may be a result of the fact that I was on my MAC when I was setting up the tenant and didn’t realize it was interacting wit the local computer. I’ve since set up compleltey different tenant account on my PC, but this hasn’t helped.


By the error you are having when hovering over Robot unavailable, did you double check if the machine key belongs to the machine called DESKTOP-VJG9JV0?

The error you get in Studio is linked to the fact that your Robot is not connected to Orchestrator properly.

The easiest thing i suggest you do is:

  • delete all the machines and your Robot in Orchestrator
  • create a new standard machine with the name DESKTOP-VJG9JV0
  • provision a new Robot with that machine name
  • copy the machine name in Robot tray - Orchestrator settings and connect again

Let me know if you are still facing any issues. :slight_smile:

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Hey Ovi,

Thanks for the suggestions! Really appreciate the response.

What is the best way to check if the key belongs to the machine? I think it does.

I took your suggestion by deleting both the machine and robot in Orchestrator. I then recreated the machine with the following settings
[screenshot deleted due to privacy, email was showing]

I then provision a new Robot with that machine name:
[screenshot deleted due to privacy, email was showing]

I then copy the settings to the Robot tray and connect

Unfortunately it now says ‘Robot Unavailable’ and ‘Robot does not exist’ on hover.

I’m curious if you see anything off. I also am wondering if I am using the wrong username/password.

Hi Ovi,

Please disregard the last update. I was using the incorrect username.

Thanks again for your help. Laying out the troubleshooting options helped me think through the problem.



I’m happy you’ve worked it out, Jake. Yes, the username should be the one you are using to login your windows session.

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