UIPath Task Scheduler

Hi All,

I have licensed version of UiPath studio but that version is not updated (doesn’t have scheduler).
Can anyone please let me know if I upgrade to new version of studio, will it be having task scheduler?
What challenges will I face if I upgrade that to latest version?
It is free of cost?
Will it impact previous codes?
As of now, we are using windows task scheduler to schedule tasks but the problem is it works for few of tasks and fails for some, not sure where the issue is.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @Rajat,
In case you are looking for scheduling feature with UiPath Studio, you will not get it if you upgrade to the latest version also.
We have a separate thing that is UiPath Orchestrator. Follow the below link for more information on Orchestrator.


We have scheduling feature in UiPath Orchestrator.


You seem to have removed the task scheduler button from the application (together with the create shortcut button); maybe also remove the KB article? Robot API

That is outdated. Best docs on Orchestrator are in Enterprise->Docs

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Hi @jibanjyoti, then what is this link for…

It says latest version has scheduler.

Hi @Rajat,
Please check the UiPath Studio Version. It was there before, and it has been removed for 2016.2.6165.
The link Navigates you to the Windows Task Scheduler only. I guess you are facing issues with Windows Task Scheduler.

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@Madalina_Boboc, can u update pls

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You will schedule via Orchestrator. Task Scheduler won’t be supported.

If there is one robot also, do we need orchestrator to schedule it ?

Hi, I am thinking about buying 2 back office robots to our company. One robot for one process may proceed in infinite loop but other 2 process, on the second robot) I need to schedule. Is it possible to schedule it in some way other than Orchestrator? There is no sense to spend 10k for robot licenses and 20k only for scheduling tool. Do you have any idea?

Check Windows Task Scheduler whether it meets your requirements or not.
Officially Uipath is not supporting Task scheduler any more. Still you can have a look about Task Scheduler’s features.