Schedule stop after

Would like a True Stop After (the actual start time, NOT the trigger time). I can understand why some processes would need to to complete by a certain time. This is actually a Stop at 1:20 p.m. NOT a stop after. If for some reason it is hung it will Stop/Kill after x time, so that machine can be used by the next process and not tied up indefinitely.

The whole purpose of scheduling is the get a bot to run… According to your documentation below, it’s merely a request the may or may not be fulfilled. We have financial processes that MUST run regardless of when they start.

Turn on the Schedule ending of job execution toggle to select a job termination strategy.

  • The amount of time specified here elapses according to the specifications, even if the job is queued. For example, if you schedule a job to run at 1 p.m. and set it to stop after 20 minutes, the job stops at 1:20 p.m. even if it had stayed in a queue until 1:15 p.m., and then started.