Schedule robot stop in Orchestrator by a trigger

Is there a possibilty to create a trigger for a robot to stop at a certain time?
E.g. start robot at 10 AM and stop at 12AM. It is necessary to stop the bot at a specific time and not let the job/transaction item finish.


you have to create time trigger at 10 AM. there is option in the orchestrator Disable trigger at. for that option you can set current date and time as 12 AM so our trigger is ready for your specified time frame. Please refer the below screem.

As per my knowledge triggers will not hard stop the execution. the process will continue if the data is there to process. may be i did not understand properly your question.


Hi kirankumar.mahanthi1,

Thanks for your quick answer! I want to run the robot every day and not disable the trigger. Because the next day the job should start again. This is not possible when the trigger is disabled.
The end job execution in the Orchestrator is also not possible. E…g you want to end the job after two hours of running. But sometimes another bot is running, maybe till 11. The current bot should start then right after and end at 12, after one hour istead of two

Disable trigger requires date and time which I hope won’t be applicable if that trigger is set for daily scheduled

And moreover disable tigger option will complete disable that trigger itself and from the mentioned date that trigger won’t work

And for this

You can try with the option above to that
End job execution option to select a job termination strategy.

That is the amount of time specified here elapses according to the specifications, even if the job is queued. For example, if you schedule a job to run at 1 p.m. and set it to stop after 20 minutes, the job stops at 1:20 p.m. even if it had stayed in a queue until 1:15 p.m., and then started.

Have a view on this doc for more details where search for the word end job execution

Hope this would help you resolve this
Cheers @Lula

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Hi Paliniyappan,

Thanks for your answer. I have multiple bots running, sometimes another bot is running and ends later than scheduled. It will delay the current bot. If the job execution stops after two others, it can delay another bot
So this won’t help either…

Then you can try concurrent runtime license if you are provided with that option
So that bot the process whose schedules conflict can run on even same time in two different servers

And if that is available then the schedule of the second process has to be scheduled in such a way after 12

But I would say even without doing that change it won’t impact the bot execution rather it will just in pending state and once this bot ends up by 12 then it will automatically trigger the process B

So it won’t be a problem
The main intention is to see how to stop a set trigger after some time and it is possible only by this mean of using end of execution option


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Thanks for the detailed answer. It is very informative. I am not much involved in production activities. It is good learning for me. Thanks again.


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Ok got it. Thanks.

Hi @Lula

Were we able to stop the trigger as expected

not yet! but still finding out :wink: