Stop Process at "time" from Jobs screen

I have a job running. I want it to stop at 17:30 tonight, but in our schedule it is set to run until 19:00.
I can go into the jobs screen and click “Stop” next to the process, but it would be great if I could click “Stop At” and enter a time for the process to stop.
The reason for this is that I leave work at 17:00, so the only option is to stop it early, and lose 30mins processing time.

I have to say this is an unusual feature request, why cant you change your schedule?

Job started at 14:00 on the schedule. We were later advised that the system was going to need to go down for maintenance at 17:30 when the job was already running, and therefore could not change the end time of an already started job.

Yes, we could stop the job, and reschedule it to start again with an amended end time as a one off schedule.

This isn’t a feature anyone would use everyday, but would be incredibly useful when the above scenario occurs.

I understand, but do you have a job that stays up for a very long time and has no problem to be stopped at any given time? So if you edit that trigger and change the Stop At, it will not reflect until next new job run?

You’ve lost me.

  1. Daily job runs from 14:00 and is scheduled to stop at 19:00
  2. At 16:30 I’m told the system the process uses will be down from 17:30.
  3. I now want the job to stop at 17:30 (on this run only), but it is scheduled to stop at 19:00
  4. Are you saying that if I edit the schedule whilst the job is running to say “Stop at 17:30” it will affect the currently running job, rather than all future jobs? Even if this is the case, I would then need to change it back again after the event so that on future days it runs until 19:00.

As far as I can see, my suggestion is far more straight forward - unless I’m missing something.

I understand exactly what you want, just trying to figure out how useful that would be in a general matter, cause since the StopAt is already on the schedule, and you would be including another one at the job level, it could be hard to implement.

It’s useful, but how difficult it is to implement would be down to UiPath.
We already have “Stop” at “Job Level”, so I can’t see that it would be a major amount of work to implement.

hi @andrewjames,

As @bcorrea said, you can handle this situation with below.


With this way you can stop the process what time you exactly need to scheduling.

You want select exact time i think.

But what is the differences betweeen :

  • start at 14:00 and stop at 17:30 and
  • start at 14:00 and stop after 3 hours 30 minutes later.

You’ve totally missed my point.
Maybe I’ve not explained it well enough.

This is nothing to do with schedules. My schedules are fine.
This is if someone wants to adhoc stop a job in say 30mins, or 1hr from now, and the job is already running.

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.