Scenario - How to put delay in queue items during processing when an system exception occurs

Scenario- I have 10 item to process . Out of one got system exception and i want to run exception (tx item) again without disturbing the process after 30 or xyz minutes and if exception comes again on same item needs to update item with final exception.

Note -Immediate retry not required as that exception could come easily after few seconds and this will waste retry

Hi @Purvai_Marwaha ,

If you are working with queue then the retry concept works in the way if exception occur for any queue item the new item will be added to queue but process in the end.

As far i know it will not process the failed item again on next picked trx, it will pick the new trx.

Let me know if I misunderstood your question.


But queues are working on a deadline logic if exception occurred in my scenario it will pick the transaction item which has been created post exception because deadline is he priority .

Thanks for replying but this will not work …do you have any other suggestions

okay. that’s fine.

But i am still not getting it what is the use of delay here.
If first item is failed then bot will marked it as exception and even you can not use it further and it creates new item and then it will start working on it, So is your motive is not to send email on first failed trx but on second then that can be done.

Let’s see other comments.