Trigger job on manual queue item retry


I have a process that uses queues and a queue trigger on new items being added.

A transaction failed for a business rule exception. I have resolved it and selected retry. This creates a new item (linked as a retry to the failed item). So far all is as expected.

However, this new item did not trigger the performer to process it. I had to run this manually for the new queue item to be picked up. This is not what I would expect. Is this intentional, an error with something I’ve done, or a bug? The queue is set to auto retry 4 times.

Items are only added to this queue on a weekly basis, so if I didn’t run this manually this transaction would end up expiring before it is processed (if it passes it’s deadline I fail the item).

This is intentional. The queue triggers fire whenever a ‘New’ item is added. This one is considered an existing item that is retried.

However, the triggers will check every 30 minutes and also fire if there are any ‘New’ or ‘Retried’ items in the queue and jobs are not already running.

This is nice behaviour because it means it a site goes down for a few minutes, for example, there is a decent buffer (max of 30 minutes) until the job will be triggered again.

If you retry an item manually then you can just activate the trigger at the same time.

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I see, so it must be a new ‘new’ item. I certainly didn’t wait long enough for the half hour check to kick in, so I’ll ear that in mind going forwards. Thanks.

As far as I remember it happens ever 30 minuts. So 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30.

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