Scenario for bank statement download

i have an excel sheet with 10 account numbers –
in the bank website i have list of some 50 accounts, i have to select(checkbox) only 10 account numbers that is matching with excel, help me with the coding.

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Hi @senthil.it89,
Loop through each Account number and convert 5 account number as single string variable.Then get text from Each checkbox account number and use accountnumber.Contains(string value). If it matches click the checkbox.

Hope this will solve your issue. Feel free if you need any further help.
Happy automation :innocent:

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Hi @senthil.it89,

Read the excel file and find those value using hot key in website. if you found value then check it.

Hope this will help you.


could you help me with VB expression on this UI help with the steps todo so.

Hi @senthil.it89,

  1. Use Read Range to read the data from excel sheet. Output will be in the form data table.

  2. Convert output data table to array yourdatatablename.AsEnumerable().Select(Function (a) a.Field(of string)(“yourcolumnname”).ToString).ToArray()

  3. Now use find children activity to get all child elements under parent element.
    In your case, child elements will be your checkbox. Parent element will be your div.

  4. Use for each to loop through the child elements.

  5. Inside for each use get text to get account number. In the get text activity, properties pane pass the item in element field. Say output variable be Txt

  6. after get text activity, use if inside if condition, Txt.contains(strArray) or StrArray.Any(function(x) Txt.Contains(x))

  7. In then part add check box actvity and check it.

Hope this helps.

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hi santhosh,

i have wrote script to read excel file and convert all rowvalues to string ,
now i have to pass all the string values to popup bankwebpage for matching account number it should enable check box automtically helpme out with steps, if possible share contact num