Pass value to popup webpage after matching have to click on check box - how to design bot for this

I have to pass the account number to popup window in bank website if matches checkbox need to be click on check box ticket](

We can use anchor base activity
Where before anchor base use FIND TEXT POSITION activity and pass the input string and get the output with a variable of type uielement
—now pass that variable uielement as input to ELEMENT property in FIND ELEMENT activity which should be placed in the right side of the ANCHOR BASE activity
—then in the left side use CLICK IMAGE activity and choose that check box region as image

Cheers @senthil.it89

it is not working fo rme can you help me more

may i know what was the issue we were facing
Cheers @senthil.it89

i got stuck here, until here i have completed, value is matched,

  1. either i have to click on the highlighted value (it automatically select the check box) /else
    2.i have to click on the check box for the matching value

" " - i have added wildcard in aaname - selector for check box
“” - selector for matching highlighted value.

helpme out in this case

So mean you like you were able to find using anchor base, is it so
Kindly elaborate that pls
Cheers @senthil.it89

Hi @senthil.it89,

As I can see that you have distinct account numbers so before clicking you must be knowing the exact account number right? Well use anchor base only but in Find Element activity do make sure that selector is like this aaname = “Some_account_Variable” and it should have one or more identifiers such as ‘tag’. That’s it.
Also select that anchor is on the right

- i have read the row values one by one and assigned to variable stirng account number

iam passing that value to webpage to search , one by one,

now after matching i have to click that highlighed value – here i have stuck i couldnt click the highlighted value