Checkbox, fetch data from Excel

How do i fetch data from excel, to check checkboxes in browser application?
There are 7 checkboxes in my application, each time i want to check few or all of them.

  1. do i need to write names of all those checkboxes in Excel and mention (yes or no)? or can i just write the names of checkbox that i want to check?
  2. which activity i have to use in uipath and how?

Pls help

Hi @Divyatirunagari,

You can put in the a single column for which checkboxes needs to be checked by your bot!!!

But on ease perspective, I’ll say go for each checkboxes as “Yes or No”

As for the activity, I’ll suggest go for check box activity :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, good day

Happy coding :smiley: :slight_smile:

Well if it has a checkbox attribute you can use check activity (which checks check-boxes) or a simple click will also suffice.

When using click you will have to get the ‘state’ (checked or un-checked from the attribute of the check-box) and then in decision you have to either check or keep as it is.

And if you want to take inputs from excel you can configure it however you please, ‘Yes’, or ‘Y’ or a certain values can be compare then in the ‘if’ condition you can pass a click and check the box.

Do get back with more details if issue still persists or the concept seems unclear :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply @Shubham_Varshney, @Raghavendraprasad

I used the check activity,It helped.
Do i need to use 7 Check(to indicate element on screen) activities in my case?

Kinda yes, if they remain the same!!!

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Or if you dont want to repeat the same activity 7 times, then you can follow suit of find children activity and when you get that in collection (by filtering your check-boxes) and clicck check-box only that is required using an ‘if’. This will be longer but will not look like a code duplication :slight_smile:

Better way is use anchor based look and clicking on the item required…

No if conditions and just look for the aaname i.e. of the checkbox name :slight_smile:

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Hi, am new to Uipath, dono how to use anchor base.
I tried checkbox, data fetch from excel, it worked for one proceed.
For other process bot checked all the boxes.(i think not fetching from excel)
help pls


@Divyatirunagari Are you using for each row for iteration

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I am not using for each row, but under excel appln scope, i defined Read Range,
all the other steps in my process fetching data from excel(Those steps have ‘type’ activity, so i mentioned Data table(sheet name) in expression editor)
I don’t understand how to read this checkbox activity from excel.

@Divyatirunagari If you want read multiple values from the column means than you needs to use For each row activity

I want to get data(Data is name of Check box.) from excel> sheet1> column
Depending on the checkbox names in the Excel data table, i want bot to check the respective checkboxes in my browser application.

  1. i am not using any for each–> I am using only one row to get data.
  2. I used Get attribute indicated from where it has to get data from excel
    3.I used Check activity → Indicated( first check box) where to check on the screen.
    Unfortunately it is checking the first check box instead of getting data from Excel.
  3. I dont want to Mention many check activity in my sequence.
  4. i also dont want to mention all the names of checkboxes in excel
    Is there a solution to this?
    Which activity to use, how to use?
    sorry if my question sounds silly, am beginner
    Pls Help!

@Shubham_Varshney can u give me more info on anchor base?, how to use?

Well, when you indicate a uielement using the UiExplorer there is another option beside ‘indicate eement’ called ’ indicate anchor’ use that to record a selector that acts as an anchor.

An anchor is something that can be used to suggest the explorer/element finder that the object in question is nearby the selector of the anchor object (top, bottom, left, right)

Make the anchor selector robust and the actual element can have only a single unique attribute which will automatically be picked up.

Normally in an anchor you will find selectors similar to .

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I changed the anchor in the Get attribute, in check activity when i indicate on screen, it is taking my indication as reference and check only that checkbox.
check selector ,
i want this part 10199 part to vary

webctrl id=‘CTVR-10199’ tag=‘INPUT’