Scaling an RPA process: Update everything but config file on multiple processes


I am wondering regarding scalability on processes. I have the an identical workflow in multiple processes in Orchestrator, all with different Config files. If for example a system updates and the GUI changes, and I need to make the same change to all processes, is there a way to do this without having to update all processes individually? And without overwriting the existing Config file of each process?

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Hi @agnesv
Its sorry to say that currently there are not possible for that for entire project ,
basically when automation , its capture the GUI element on your systems , when your elements changes will directly impact for your project.
I understand what you mean but rapid GUI changes and RPA is really difficult task
when the system upgrade ask them to do minimize of changes to the current ,
If not you have to check ,troubleshoot entire project again and again after they publish upgrades.

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And there is no way to do it by e.g. modify the xaml file or through Orchestratror, by choosing input the config as input parameter? ( Could you technically send in a dictionary? I also saw the “Explore package” function and wondered if that could be used in some way.

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yes , passing argument and explore package some thing different ,
yes that the way , you can edit your xaml file , thats what im mention as

but assume , when your system change the position of any click button on previous the that button element will be change so u have to reedit your xaml

Perhaps a solution could be to build an additional function into the process that checks which config file to use (and have multiple of these in the project). Maybe this wouldn’t be a good way of doing it, I am only brainstorming potential solutions now. Do you think this could be possible by giving input in Orchestrator which specific Config file to use?

This way any changes made would apply since we are using the same process package.