Can we modify in the code of Nuget folder directly

Hi All,

I have developed a process on “Dev server” and published it through orchestrator on “Production server”.
I want to do a small change in process.xml file, can i do this directly through Dev server and picking up process.xml file from the nuget folder of Production server and save then run.
Will this reflect the changes without publishing. As i dont have orchestrator access :stuck_out_tongue:

However i tried this it was working for my quality orchestrator but just wanted to confirm if anyone has done this thing?

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yah we can make changes to those xaml by extracting the file from nuget file
–once editing make sure that it is published again
without publishing it wont reflect buddy as it is like without saving a file after editing

Cheers @nsharma

Thanks Palaniyappan.
I have a confusion with the uipath robot and orchestrator process.
Can you explain if we have published a process then it will create a folder on that server in Nuget folder.
What if we will run the process again without updating and republishing the Bot will pick up the same folder or it will again replacing the package? if it will use the same folder then it should run the latest code which i modified.

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if a process is created and is published and running succesfully
while if we need to update a few expression in the workflow,we would go to nuget file and extract the file from it
–then we would update the xaml and save it…now we have just modified the already existing nuget file, the version of the file is same
–unless this updated xaml is published we wont be able to see that in orchestrator as only then we can update the process with latest version,
–once the process is updated with latest version , then only we can download that file either from Package tab in orchestrator or from the ROBOT tray of the machine
–only when we download it will be there in the nuget package folder that is in studio feed
–now if we see that nuget folder we will be having two folders of our project one with previous package version and another with new package version
–so it implies that unless we publish and assign that as a current version to our process in orchestrator we wont be able to execute the new changes that we have made in the workflow

hope this would help you
Cheers @nsharma

Thanks i understand the whole thing.
But i just tried a sample by sending mail and then i changed subject of mail and running that sample without publishing it.
Still it is working and sending mail with changed subject ,i didnt understand why?

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Hmm I hope it May be because of the previous mails
Have we unchecked the onlyunreadmessage property