Invoke the same .xaml from multiple process via Orchestrator

Hi, need some advice.
We have a couple of different processes that are loggin on and using the same application. Since the log on is always the same we created a separate process just doing the login logic (pass reset etc). So every process when it needs to logon to the application is doing the invoke at the another project folder login.xaml which then just logs on and then the main process takes over again.
Since we are now pivoting to the orchestrator I was wondering how to implement that via Orchestrator since every deploy has a new version folder name so the path for invokeing the login.xaml process can change.
Is there a way to put login.xaml somewhere on the orchestrator so every process that needs to login on that application calls that xaml.
We dont want to put login.xaml in every process separately because maintaning thath login (which can change) would be a nightmare, unless there is away to apply the change of login.xaml to all the process at once.
I hope I was clear please ask if not, any suggestions ?

Hi @Petar_Soce

You have two ways to do that:

  1. Way:
    You can create a new library and create your login process in it. Publish the library and you can use the login process like an activity such as WriteLine or assign etc.
    To use the library in your project you need to add the library to your process dependencies.

Make the Login Process as separate process. And the rest of your project in another process.
In Orchestrator then you have 2 processes: Login process and your main process.
Schedule always the login process first and then after completed the main process.

Best regards

Topic is about reusable components and artifacts. we have different options e.g.:

  • Custom Library / Custom Activities
  • Symbolic link approach for including XAMLS in different project from a centralized loacation (avoiding copy & paste and allows single place edit
  • start Job cascadings

Yes, I thought this is the best way as well thank you

You should create a custom library for the login steps.