Help needed with config file in Orchestrator

I’ve a Re Framework which has 9 sub processes. These should be run at different times in a day. The time input should be provided from Orchestrator( not sure how for now). Suppose If I select or input 9:30 in Orchestrator. A xaml file for 9:30 with REFW should start running. How can I achieve this ?

Hi @Sumanth_Arram ,

Could you let us know if the 9 : 30 is the same value / same time that you would be choosing to run that particular process every day / every month ? Or does it differ and is it based on the user’s input ?

It’s the same time every day. Here I cannot multiple processes for multiple times. I need to make it dynamic with a single process however by tweaking any setting in trigger or so ?

I’ve processes to run at 8,9:30,10,11,12.14:30,15:15, 16:30,17:40

@Sumanth_Arram ,

Maybe there a couple of options although not so direct.

You could either Create Triggers for Each of them for their Specific Timings. You could also set the Argument to the Process for Starting the Job/Process through the process name or based on the logic which you already used. In this way, you set up triggers for the same process multiple times in a day, but the passing argument value chooses which sub process to start.

Another method would be Trigger the Robot running at First Trigger/First Time, but it would be encapsulated within a While Loop which would loop continuously. In this method we check whether the Specific timing has reached and if so Start the specifc sub process accordingly. In here, we configure the Timings in the Studio or a Separate Config file itself. This case would be troublesome as it would require the Bot running continuously / Like monitoring the time event.

Let us know if you found this helpful.

Yes, The Choice looks like a solution. But how can I include this Choice argument in my code ?

@Sumanth_Arram ,

To use this we would need to understand How exactly is the code developed in the workflow to run the sub processes. For these kind of scenarios we basically go for a Switch Activity, cases would be the Process Name and we Start/Trigger the sub process in that case.

Hello @Sumanth_Arram

If you need to execute different subprocesses, you can mark every workflow as an Entry point and upload it to the orchestrator. Then create trigger for the respective process with the timing.

If the timing and process are constant you can directly schedule it.