Saving file and directing to specific folder?

Hi, can someone help me? I downloaded a file, placed it where it will normally be stored in the downloads folder, then created a variable called “folder” for this path.
After that I added the move file activity to move from the downloads folder to a specific folder. and this error, does anyone know why?

error : Move File: Could not find file

would someone know to help me solve it?


Hi @Guilherme_Silva

Please check official UiPath documentation for suggested possible causes

Your downloaded folder seems to contains multiple files with the same filename. See the file name ending with (6).csv. This shows the six duplicate filename. You may want to consider appending a timestamp to the filename to make it unique.

Hi @Guilherme_Silva, Please check the path where you are downloading and Move File path.

In screenshot it shows you are downloading in file at Download folder but your Move file path shows Documents.

Its a path issue. Give the full path. It should work.


Hi @Guilherme_Silva

Use pasta.FullName instead of pasta.Name

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