Hi Folks,

I am downloading a excel file using a click activity. This downloaded file will be in Downloads.
So basically i wanted to move this recent file into a different folder. Then i want to upload this into a different website.

Can someone help in the workflow .
Thanks in advance.

hi @sachinns

i guess you can directly download wherever you want just you need to change the settings in the chrome like below…that will save some logic inside your code.
so enable the setting called “ask user before download” and then you can pass your own path to download file.


Hi @sachinns,

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Use move file activity.



Thanks for the reply.
Why i am not doing because already some bots are running with path as downloads. So i dont want to make it a mess. That’s the reason i was downloading and then moving the recent file to another path.


Thanks for the response.
But how i will pass the recent file path to this activity . ?


To use this activity you must indicate the path this way: “C:\Users\rmunro\Downloads\rene.xlsx” between quotes. This must include the file name. Some times the file name changes, for that you must get the file name using screen-scrapping, get text or any other method. You will have something like:
“C:\Users\rmunro\Downloads” + myFileNameVariable. The file name must include the extension of the type of file like .txt or .xlsx.
Then just select the folder you wish to move it to:
If you checkmark the overwrite it will replace any file with the same name and extension as the one you’re saving to.
Documentation for this activity can be found here:

Thank you. It works !

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