Move Files - "Could not find file"


I just wanna ask regarding the move file activity.

I am moving files by putting the file path of the documents in the excel file for Source column. And destination column for the folders to b moved in specific file path.

I have an issue where in it says that the bot could not find the file. But the file is actually in the folder.

How can I fix this?


Hi @prititit

Can you show me the excel sheet, so I can find the solution. Thanks

Hello @vignesh.ks


If you check from your error screenshot It is trying to move D:\svc-, but in Excel it is D:\TRY

Can you check once again?


@prititit You have to give "" at last in destination values and try it. Thanks.

Sorry. \ does not visible in my before message. Kindly give \ in the last in destination values. Thanks